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can your makeup makeup for lost sleep?
Meet your wake up makeup: these five tips beat that lost-sleep look by instantly softening the appearance of fine lines and shadows and helping brighten skin for a look that's five years younger!  New moms, work-a-holics and life in the fast lane ladies, take note.

1:  Fresh Start
Those jinxed by the sandman can apply a tinted foundation, a foundation that thinks like a moisturizer. Multi mineral tinted foundations disguise uneveness with sheer-to-moderate coverage for a look that's downright dewy. 

2. Pack Your Bags
Industrial strength under eye concealers pack plenty of soft focus micro-spheres which optimize the effects of light to brighten eyes and soften the appearance of dark circles - without creasing or looking heavy.   Next, sweep on natural luminosity .  These miracle powders conceals dark shadows and skin imperfections, which creates the illusion of perfect, well-rested skin. 

3. Fake A Flush
Opt for a multi-use creme blush, which glides on sheer and gives skin a  dewy, warm glow, like a good rest.  The trick is to apply it over freshly moisturized skin or over foundation for gorgeous color that lasts all day - and is nearly impossible to overdo.

4. Bright Eyes
The eyes have it, unless of course you pulled an all-nighter!   Sleep deprived, sleeping beauties can brighten eyes by lining the inner rims with white eyeliner and applying two coats of black mascara.  Wink, wink.

5.  Lip Gloss
Turn that frown upside down!  It's understandable to be a tab bit cranky and maybe even down-right crabby due to lack of z's, but those that opt for smileage feel (and look) much better.  Not only will an aromatherapy gloss frame a beautiful smile, but it can also put a little pep into your step.  

These products will get results that can be seen and felt instantly- proving - a healthy, rosy glow doesn't always require eight hours of beauty sleep.


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