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Got a stash of can't use makeup colors? We thought so.  Lipstick is one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform your appearance, so we tend to have quite a stash. Sure, the shade looks impeccable in the store, but no so much in the real world.  Ladies, now you can transform those unbearable, unwearable shades with these simple tricks-of-the-trade.

Cloud Loud

Bright Fright


Spread Red


Purple Heart

Tone down bright shadow by mixing a bold shade of eye makeup, like Turquoise, with a taupe shade such as 36-26-36 to soften its intensity, says makeup artist Tina Turnbow.   Got a tube of red lipstick laying unused?  If the shade just isn't right for you, try experimenting.  Adding a little brown, like Brass. It will still look red, but it tends to tone down the brightness. Experiment and create a signature color that is all your own.   Lavender enhances every eye color, says pro Joanna Schip, who recommends using a wash of cream shadow.  Try Heavy Metal Color Gloss in Rich & Famous.



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