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Three fast fixes for aging skin

As we all face the inevitable act of aging, we find ourselves constantly wishing and searching for that proverbial fountain of youth that can turn back the clock just enough to make us happy. Unfortunately, there is no fountain of youth found, but there are various products such as those introduced by Urban Apothecary that can make you look noticeably younger without the hassle and cost of more extreme methods.

Urban Apothecary has a variety of products that can help you beat the clock of aging with their ‘cosmeceuticals.’ Unlike other products, cosmeceuticals get right to the structure of your skin with the help of formulas that are full of antioxidants, fruit acids, and vitamins.

The following are three fast fixes for aging skin using these ant-aging, cosmeceutical products:

• Quick Fix #1
Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Having efficient moisture in your skin is crucial to looking young, but is it enough?  As we age, the oxygen levels in the skin decline and cells no longer function optimally like they do in younger skin.  Urban Apothecary’s Oxygenating Cream can fix just that.  Formulated with TRF (Tissue Respiratory Factors) which increase the oxygen flow to the skin, essential amino acids, soy protein and antioxidants, this powerful yet lightweight moisturizer restores vitality leaving your skin soft, supple, and smooth.

• Quick Fix #2
Fade Freckles and Age Spots
As we age, our skin acquires an interesting collection of spots and  dots. You may think that age spots have no quick fix, but with Urban Apothecary Advanced Lightening Cream, there is no need to undergo expensive laser surgery. This product contains citric and fruit acids that fade hyperpigmentation in the skin, while kinetin, a plant compound is proven to boost skin moisture by 25% in independent tests. 

• Quick Fix #3
Level Lines and Wrinkles
According to a certain celebrity 'friend', this legendary creme, whose artillery of animo acids, peptides and antioxidants will put your wrinkles 'at ease' with nary a needle.   Urban Apothecary’s Peptox Wrinkle Relaxing Cream is guaranteed to work serious wonders.  A  wrinkle eraser in a jar, peptide technology visually refills your wrinkles, then it relaxes and regenerates them. 

Going under the knife does not have to be an option when Urban Apothecary has fantastic cosmeceutical products to turn back the clock. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on laser treatments and resurfacing when you can simply pop the jar top and get fantastic results. So stop cringing in that harshly lit mirror and do something.  Once you implement the three fast fixes above, you will see that the true fountain of youth comes in the form of an Urban Apothecary bottle.



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