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A Lush Crush: Mineral Makeup

Can my complexion look flawless, even if it's not?  Yes, you can have a gorgeous complexion- it's just a matter of learning what you need to perfect it.  Urban Apothecary has gone through the daunting process of sorting through mineral makeup types so you can choose what's right for your skin. 

Love mineral makeup? Youíre not alone! Although it was discovered in the late 1970s, mineral makeup has recently exploded onto the cosmetics scene. Widely celebrated for its easy application, durability, and benefits to the skin, natural makeup is generally classified into two types: crushed mineral makeup and micronized mineral makeup. As the attraction of this innovative cosmetic increases- many are eager to learn all the facts about the newest natural wonder.

Mineral Makeup at a Glance
Mineral makeup can be used by anybody, with any type of skin. Made from naturally occurring crushed minerals, natural makeup is composed of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, and mica. These loose minerals are combined together to make different natural cosmetic variations, including, foundations, powders, concealers, and blushers.  Because of their oil and chemical-free nature, many mineral makeup brands are safe for acne sufferers. Crushed mineral makeup is so pure that itís safe to use after cosmetic treatments. The crushed minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are known to also act as a natural sun block, and can deliver sun protection of up to SPF 20.

Difference Between Crushed Mineral Makeup and Micronized Mineral Makeup
Particularly comforting to extremely sensitive,  oily and acne-prone skin, crushed mineral buffs on for an airbrush finish.  Particle size is very important when it comes to mineral makeup, and is the crucial difference in crushed mineral makeup and micronized mineral makeup. Crushed mineral makeup is composed of one to 50 Microns, depending on the product. Crushed mineral makeup is not as fine as micronized mineral makeup so it tends to rest on top of the skin, hence the popular 'swirl, tap and buff technique required for an even application. 

Micronized mineral makeup is composed of nano-sized particles, smaller than those found in crushed mineral makeup. A true micronized mineral makeup will have a particle size of much less than one Micron, like Urban Apothecary products. Because of the micronization process the mineral particles undergo, they bind together in application which improves the look of fine lines, enlarged pores and uneven texture. When micronized mineral makeup is applied to a clean, moisturized face, the surface tension created overcomes gravity and hold the minerals tightly to the skin. The result? A more natural looking appearance with minerals that do not run, smear, or crease.  You are only a pat away from achieving a naturally, flawless complexion.




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