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Beauty Trends > Makeup Update > Spring 2007
Vixen glam by night... a lush, exotic tour-de-force.  A wild romp of metallica, satin and sheen plays out in "It Girl" dresses.  Liquid jersey, shredded chiffon, and shiny full-metal silhouettes celebrate the body, while colors are rich and saturated.  Tribal and religious motifs bring irreverent edginess to all luxe. 

s o l a r i z e d
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Fat Cat Mascara

apply two coats to upper and lower lashes

Price: $20.00

Luxe Creme Liner
Silver Lining

a thick line above upper lashes

Price: $20.00

Intensif-Eye Shadow Trio
Peace, lightest shade

from crease to eyebrow

Price: $10.00

Intensif-Eye Shadow Trio
Peace, middle shade

on lid only

Price: $16.00

Intensif-Eye Shadow Trio
Peace, darkest shade

in the crease and under bottom lash line

Price: $16.00

Mineral Afterglow
Gold Rush

across cheekbones

Price: $35.00

Draw the Liner Lip Liner

all over lips

Price: $18.00

Kiss + Tell Lipstick

all over lips

Price: $16.00

Super Gloss

all over lips

Price: $15.00


Color Connection
Smoldering, sensual... a solarized palette of barn red, seal brown and cordovan creates a darkly mysterious beauty.

The Look
Sexy richesse... luxurious and provocative.

  • Face: Sultry matte skin.
  • Eyes: Sophisticated matte pink and taupe, defined with mercurized liner.
  • Cheeks: Naturally demure.
  • Lips: Entice and lure in shimmering, solarized hues.

The Runway Influence


little black dress hot, trendy, totally new


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