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Beauty Trends > Makeup Update > Spring 2007
Polished refinement by day... pretty, fragile, femme.  Flimsy painted chiffons, floral prints and soft jackets create a misty, atmospheric elegance.  Accessories are key, from structured bags in surprising materials to frilly, ultra-feminine shoes to oversized jewelry sourced from nature.

s t r a t o s p h e r e
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Fat Cat Mascara

apply two coats to upper and lower lashes

Price: $20.00

Luxe Creme Liner
Cloud 9

a thin line across the lash line

Price: $20.00

Luxe Eye Shadow Pan

all over lid

Price: $10.00

Pro Pigment
Party Pris

in the crease and under lash line

Price: $16.00

Pro Pigment
Rich Girl

all over lid focusing on inner corners

Price: $16.00

Mineral Blush

across cheekbones

Price: $18.00

Draw the Liner Lip Liner

line lips and smudge into the center

Price: $18.00

Kiss + Tell Lipstick

all over lips

Price: $16.00

Super Gloss
Super Gossamer

all over lips

Price: $15.00


Color Connection
Soft-focus, serene hues with dreamy delicacy.  Eco-centric inspirations: Milky whites, candied pastels, transparent peaches, lapis and lightest rose quartz.

The Look
Walking on air..   grooving on elegance.

  • Face: Skin is soft and light, naturally luminous.
  • Eyes: Light, languid color washes from lapis blues to sea greens with a soft, lustrous incandescence.
  • Cheeks: Translucent, nearly nude.
  • Lips: The sensuous pout in sweet pinks.

The Runway Influence


atmospheric eyes in blue and sea green


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Anti-Aging Mineral Makeup
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