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Beauty Trends > Makeup Update > Fall - Winter 2007

b e d a z z l e d
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Fat Cat Mascara

Price: $20.00

Mineral Eye Shadow

Price: $15.00

Mineral Eye Shadow

Price: $15.00

Creme Shadow

Price: $15.00

Blush Duo
Two Hot

Price: $20.00

Draw the Liner Lip Liner

Price: $18.00

Kiss + Tell Lipstick

Price: $16.00

The Runway Influence
Allure, class, elegance and style are keywords for 2007.  This season, fashion finds inspiration in the old aristocrats, in today’s royalty circles and in high society. The girly princess is a sophisticated lady now, a majestic queen or even an empress. The new upper class luxury is discreet and less opulent, in contrast to the ‘show-off’ fashion styles and the bling,  that characterizes the nouveau riche and the ‘wannabe' scene.

This season brings organic luxe, eco-inspired clothes with a never-before glam.  Camouflage colors and nature patterns appear on strong, structured shapes that define the body.  Bold details- lavish furs, whimsical feathers - inspired new flights of fancy, whether heading for untamed terrains or more urban landscapes. 

Color Connection
Organic nouveau riche. Exotic adventures in golds, teaks and dusky tones spin a rich yet natural mood.

The Look
Splendid eco-chic.  Colors are fresh, fabulous, female.   

  • Face: Golden matte, sprinkled with highlights, looks sculpted yet real. 
  • Eyes: Natural gold luxe is everywhere form liner right up to eyelids.
  • Cheeks: New contouring: skin is sculpted in rich sangria. 
  • Lips: Matte, just-bitten stain - the mouth of the season.

Elie Saab: pure polish


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Anti-Aging Mineral Makeup
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