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Inside secrets are, for the most part, usually neither inside nor secret.  Here comes (and goes) a few of the last that were- for a time actually both.  Now you can make over your look with these beauty tricks direct from the stars.   Urban Apothecary spills the insider secrets to perfect looks...


Lush Lashes

Tired Eyes


Pearly Whites

Who needs falsies when you can have long, luscious lashes in a blink of an eye!  Amp up your lashes with  Urban Apothecary Fat Cat Mascara, $20.  A major-impact mascara with a super mild formula, this stellar lash enhancer is enriched  with vitamins to soften and nourish while it lengthens and thickens.  Celebrity converts include Victoria Beckham, Carmen Electra.   Working on two hours of sleep and totally hungover?  A dot of light shimmer in the right place brightens the eyes and makes them look like you got some much needed beauty sleep.  A dab of Urban Apothecary Face Lift, $24. in the inner corner of each eye and along the bottom lash line will make you look as beautiful and bright eyed as Elisha Cuthbert.     Christina Aguilera and Cameron Diaz's trademark red lips make their smiles dazzle.  Intense red lips counteract tooth discoloration, making teeth appear whiter.  The secret weapon, Urban Apothecary Sweet Roll Lip Palette in Raspberry Chiffon.  .  Classic shiny red lip shades that have blue, not orange, undertones. 

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Tis the Season to Gift Pretty! Goodie Bags are stocked with $100 worth of beauty loot for only 35 bucks.  Now that's what we call a cool yule!

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