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Inside secrets are, for the most part, usually neither inside nor secret.  Here comes (and goes) a few of the last that were- for a time actually both.  Now you can make over your look with these beauty tricks direct from the stars.   Urban Apothecary spills the insider secrets to perfect looks...


Brow Wow

Fun in the Sun


Custom Beauty

Model Isabeli Fontana’s perfectly arched dramatic eyebrows are a big reason why she’s a runway regular. See a professional the first time round to create the perfect shape. Upkeep is easy: just pluck stray hairs as they grow in and use Brow Wow, at the roots and across the top of your eyebrow to define your arch.   Tanning in Tahiti isn’t an option when your budget is tighter than Jessica Simpson’s cutoffs. Apply to skin for a just-in-from-the-sun glow, add to foundation to for a subtle sheen, or glide onto shoulders and legs for a sexy shimmer.  Sarah Jessica Parker's favorite shimmer tint, Urban Apothecary Bada Bling. $35.     Why buy stock when you can go custom?  What's emerging as a hot trend in beauty today, celebrities like Rachel Hunter and Nelly Furtado are choosing makeup- their way!  Design your very own, one-of-a-kind Urban Apothecary Custom Makeup Palette, $48. 

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