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Inside secrets are, for the most part, usually neither inside nor secret.  Here comes (and goes) a few of the last that were- for a time actually both.  Now you can make over your look with these beauty tricks direct from the stars.   Urban Apothecary spills the insider secrets to perfect looks...


Urban Apothecary Micro-Derm Scrub

Red Alert

Au Natural


Love Your Skin

Rebel from the en masse addiction to nude lip gloss. A standout retro-red pout à la Scarlett Johansson or Cameron Diaz delivers the real punch.  If crimson shades bleed on your lips, use a brush to line your lips with concealer.  Kiss & Tell Lipstick in Glam (cool red), Ravishing (warm red) or Royal (neutral red).   Celebrities from Demi Moore to Brooke Shields swear by mineral makeup.  Naturally preserved and completely free of irritants, mineral makeup is actually good for your skin.  Experience the difference with Urban Apothecary Mineral Makeup, $15 & up.   Sienna Miller may have parted ways with her long, layered boho hair, but she’s fully committed to her beautiful complexion. Replicating her dewy glow starts from within. Eat a balanced diet and add a good exfoliant and you’ll look like a polished stone. Micro-Derm Creme Scrub, $45.



Tis the Season to Gift Pretty! Goodie Bags are stocked with $100 worth of beauty loot for only 35 bucks.  Now that's what we call a cool yule!

Anti-Aging Mineral Makeup
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