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Cool, Neutral or Warm?

Late-breaking hues: we've taken the guesswork out of color selection, without removing the benefits of multiple shades and products to choose from.  Shades that are perfect for blending and season-transcending with Urban Apothecary, it's simple to select the hues that are right for you. 

First determine if you're Warm, Neutral or Cool - based on your eye, hair and skin tones - then select the shades specifically formulated for that group.  Urban Apothecary color collections are convenient and customizable.  So you can go ahead and flaunt your flawless face, luscious lashes and just kissed lips...

Are you cool, neutral or warm?

  Cool Color Collection
bullet COOL:
Skin Color:  blue, pink skin undertones
Eye Color: blue, violet, grey
Hair Color: blonde, brunette
Neutral Color Collection
bullet NEUTRAL:
Skin Color:  fair or light pink, olive, yellow skin undertones
Eye Color: all
Hair Color: all
Warm Color Collection
bullet WARM:
Skin Color:  yellow, orange skin undertones
Eye Color: brown, green, hazel
Hair Color: brunette, red, blonde

Tis the Season to Gift Pretty! Goodie Bags are stocked with $100 worth of beauty loot for only 35 bucks.  Now that's what we call a cool yule!

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