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red alert:  the bold & the beautiful
Seriously shiny smackers are red hot this spring

Thereís no doubt about it ó red lips are the must-have makeup trend of the moment.  Rebel from the en masse addiction to nude lip gloss. Red lips bring us back to the '40s, when stars walked the red carpet with red lipstick and a whole lot of glam!  Stars have started showing up to events with lips as vivid as the carpet theyíre walking down, and this eye-catching look isnít just for formal occasions. Pucker up with a pout that demands attention in deep and dramatic shades of red. 

A standout retro-red pout ŗ la Christina Aguilera or Scarlett Johansson delivers the real punch. The key to successfully wearing red lipstick is to make your lips be the feature you want to pop. Donít expect to maintain the rest of your makeup routine. Natural is the way to go.

But for those who are worried that a bold lip will make you look more like Bozo the Clown than Charlize Theron, we're here to tell you thereís a red out there for every woman. Itís just about finding a shade that suits your skin tone. For the most natural look, determine if you have warm or cool coloring, and then stick with a shade that matches your undertones.

Women with a more golden complexion (warm) will want to look for a shade of red with an orange, like Ravishing or brown base, like Rapture. If you have a hard-to-tan, fair complexion with rosy undertones (cool), you should seek out a blue or purple-based red, like Rave.  Red lipstick is a universal classic and has yet to go out of style, according to the fashion magazines.

Why are women who haven't worn red lipstick before, so afraid of red lips?   For those of you who don't think you can pull off this strong color - you can.  A goof-proof shade?  Try Glam, a neutral red stain.or Super Raspberry, a sheer, cherry red lip color that looks terrific on everyone. Red also tend to bleed more than any other lip color.  If crimson shades tend bleed on your lips, use a Pointed Taklon Liner brush to line your lips with concealer. Then apply lipstick, blot and apply gloss for a sexy pout. 

Paint the town red and earn your badge in beauty with Sweet Roll in Cinnamon Stick.  This pout-painting palette gives you six gorgeous shades and finishes from sheer to matte to gloss of red, including modern reds like soft cranberry and burnished rose  to decadent shimmering raisin at your fingertips.  Mix and match to create your very own shade of red perfection.  

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