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Do you crave healthy, glowing skin?  Vibran-C products brighten skin, help prevents dark spots and even out skintone.  Concentrated levels of stabilized vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) fight free radical damage and help prevent and reverse signs of aging.  A natural antioxidant, vitamin C also firms and transforms skin with a new resiliency by enhancing collagen production.

Vibran-C Cleanser
This gentle exfoliating gel cleanser helps dissolve and dislodge dull surface cells, removing makeup and impurities, while moisturizing and nourishing skin. Refreshing vita-pop beads burst on contact, releasing antioxidant vitamins A, C & E to help brighten, repair and protect skin, for a fresher, smoother, more vibrant complexion.  Natural tangerine and orange peel essential oil impart instant sensorial pleasure.3.5oz.

Price: $28.00

Vibran-C Creme
An intensive, radiance-boosting treatment creme containing a high 10% Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid). Instantly stimulates collagen renewal to strengthen skin's elasticity. Ceramides help prevent dehydration, keeping skin soft and supple. For all skin types.  1oz.

Price: $48.00

Vibran-C Day Lotion SPF 15
Light textured, Vitamin-C enriched, daily moisturizer formulated for all skin types, offering moderate SPF protection from the damaging rays of the sun. Potent antioxidant vitamins A, C & E help brighten, repair and protect skin, for a fresher, smoother, more vibrant complexion.  1.7oz.

Price: $38.00

Vibran-C Firming Eye Gelee
A light, yet luxurious gel formula that alleviates puffiness, dark circles, and signs of fatigue with a unique combination of advanced firming agents. This weightless gel tones and hydrates the delicate eye area and absorbs instantly. It is fortified with green coffee extract to calm inflammation and reduce puffiness, licorice extract to lighten and brighten the eye area while advanced firming agents lift and smooth for a more rested, youthful appearance.   Tangerine absolute soothes the skin and provides a light, natural crisp scent and antioxidant protection.  .5oz

Price: $38.00

Vibran-C Lip Treatment
Antioxidant-rich lip treatment in a portable balm stick. Rich in antioxidants, the intensive healing formula features vitamin C wrapped around a core of vitamin E to help repair dry, chapped lips with delectable and dependable moisture and maximum sun protection. Vitamin C retexturizes and smoothes, while vitamin E softens, nourishes and protects to help prevent chapping and peeling. .12oz.

Price: $18.00

Vibran-C Mist
Vibran-C Mist helps minimize pores and restores skin vibrancy, elasticity and resilience leaving a fresh, natural glow. This ultra-hydrating formula maintains natural moisture levels, while nourishing skin with vitamin C and green tea extract.  Specially formulated for all skin types to gently, yet effectively, fight the damaging effects of the sun, brighten and firm skin with powerful, juicy antioxidants. 3.3oz.

Price: $38.00

Vibran-C Peel System
Formulated for in-salon use, it's now available for at-home use for the first time.  This peel system brightens dull skin, encourages collagen production and dramatically resurfaces skin complexion and texture, providing immediate results.  System includes: Vibran-C Peel;  a 2 in 1 as a masque to hydrate the skin and exfoliate to brighten dull complexions, Vibran-C Activator; creates a warming effect and enhances the performance and delivery of the active ingredient and Vibran-C Mist; to maintain skins natural moisture levels while refining skin pores.  When used weekly, this kit should last approximately nine months.

Price: $138.00

Vibran-C Serum
A powerful, pure 7% vitamin C, radiance boosting treatment for all skin types.  A lightweight, oil-free formulation containing the full complement of vitamin C signature ingredients designed to prevent the irritation and dehydration commonly associated with vitamin C treatments. The serum stimulates collagen production and works synergistically to encourage a firm, youthful, elastic quality to your skin. Regular use provides antioxidant protection against free radical damage and will help make your skin look 5 to 10 years younger so skin appears radiant, vibrant and positively glowing.

Price: $78.00



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