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Who wants dermatologist-driven results at home?    Us too  -so look no further than the power of peptides in our patent-pending blend of six powerful wrinkle-relaxing and advanced anti-aging peptides -highly concentrated at 23 percent.  PepToxyl is the perfect way to delay or forgo invasive procedures, or to sustain benefits in between visits to the dermatologist.  The war against aging just got easier with the addition of these peptide powerhouses.

PepToxyl Radiance Serum

PepToxyl Radiance Serum
The masterpiece. This next generation targeted treatment contains a synergistic trio of ingredients - the most effective weapon against hyperpigmentation, dullness and lack of clarity.
Liposome encapsulated Tri-peptides activates cellregeneration, improving smoothness, clarity and radiance while reducing fine lines and uneven pigmentation.  Complexion perfection complex is a skin brightener; stimulates collagen synthesis, enhances skintone and radiance.  Marine filling collagen micro-spheres work synergistically with the peptides to pull in moisture and plump out wrinkles for years-younger look immediately.  1oz.

Price: $78.00

PepToxyl Wrinkle Relaxing Creme

PepToxyl Wrinkle Relaxing Creme
A two-in-one, non-toxic formula that mimics Botox to smooth and reduce lines and wrinkles, while promoting lasting improvement to skin texture. Injection-free, technologically advanced formula contains the latest in peptide technology: a combination of two peptides that work synergistically, inhibiting muscle contractions while simultaneously increasing collagen and elastin production.  Results within approximately 8 weeks of consistent use: 45% reduction in wrinkle depth; 19.5% improvement in skin tone; 16% improvement in lifting. 2oz.

Price: $128.00

PepToxyl Eye Treatment

PepToxyl Eye Treatment
This intense treatment for the eye area increases micro-circulation, decreases puffiness, strengthens capillary walls to reduce under eye darkness and reinforces the structure and flexibility of collagen and elastin for firmer, more resilient skin. The rich, luxurious cream applies easily and absorbs quickly into the skin, immediately protecting eye area from environmental stress.  Results of clinical testing show that with approximately 8 weeks of consistent use, wrinkle depth is reduced by 15% and the area occupied by deep wrinkles is decreased by 44%.  .5oz.

Price: $48.00

PepToxyl Protection SPF 30

PepToxyl Protection SPF 30
This powerful, anti-aging daytime moisture helps increase micro-circulation, decrease puffiness, strengthen capillary walls to reduce redness, and reinforce the structure and flexibility of collagen and elastin for a more resilient, youthful complexion. Enriched with broad spectrum sunscreen agents to protect against future damage from UV exposure.   1.7oz pump.

Price: $68.00


LipToxyl Extreme Lip Plumper
Simply apply before bed and forgo the dermatologist! This gloss that goes far beyond plumping to make lips look smoother, fuller and years younger. Fortified with our exclusive, quadruple-action system, LipToxyl™ absorbs natural moisture to plump up skin, stimulate collagen and glycosaminogycan synthesis, banishes wrinkles and boosts hydration, building incredible fullness and volume.  Swipe some on and wake up to the most intensely plump, firm, hydrated, and full-out sexy lips you've ever known—naturally—and all in a night's sleep.

Price: $28.00



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