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As we age, the oxygen levels in the skin decline and cells no longer function optimally like they do in say, an 18-year-old. More oxygen and other skin-enhancing nutrients in the skin means more energy to help skin function like it's young. Formulated with TRF (Tissue Respiratory Factors) which increase the oxygen flow to the skin, essential amino acids, soy protein and antioxidants, this powerful yet lightweight moisturizer restores vitality leaving the skin firm, radiant, and healthy.  2.25oz.


The day I tested Oxygenating Creme instant energizing moisturizer, I got asked if I was in love, if I just had a facial, where did I get that glow? I was completely taken aback by the fresh, healthy glow from just one slightly bubbling application. My skin looked more alive than it had in a "few" years.

I recommend it to all of my clients to use before holiday parties, flying on airplanes, or whenever their skin needs a boost.



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Anti-Aging Mineral Makeup
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