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Liza Barton
Liza Barton, Utah
Urban Apothecary has changed my life. This company has allowed me to dream, and given me hope that dreams can become reality.  After the birth of my second daughter, unfortunately, staying at home was becoming financially impossible and supplementing our income with in-home daycare was not enough.  However, Urban Apothecary changed all that! Today I'm a stay at home mom that has the best of both worlds. 

Nikki Mitchell
Nikki Mitchell, California

I'm a full-time student at UCLA.  Last year my roommate hosted an Urban Apothecary Party.  Even though I've never sold anything in my life, it was so much fun I signed up!  I find Urban Apothecary very easy to sell because women appreciate value, love being introduced to something new, and crave anything that helps them look great and feel good about themselves.

Samantha Braddock + Sarah Wright
Samantha Braddock + Sarah Wright, Nevada
My mom has been using Urban Apothecary for several years and although she always rants and raves about the products, I never tried them myself- until now.  I'm so glad I did!  After the birth of my daughter, Megan, I was looking for a little adult conversation and extra income.  My mom and I decided to go into business together.  Urban Apothecary, thank you for having such a wonderful product we can proudly share with others, and for the wonderful support behind what we do.

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