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Kiss & Tell
French Kiss
Mineral Lip Tint

Luxe Lipstick
Imagine creamy, beautiful lipstick shades that are not only flattering, but in a formula that's actually good for you. The plush, vitamin-rich, silky-smooth color contains treatment spheres filled with lip-plumping folic acid and ultra-moisturizing hyaluronic acids, to condition lips while enveloping them in gorgeous, high-pigmented color. Urban Apothecary's exclusive Vita-Luxe™ Technology offer innovation that makes this lipstick silkier, smoother, longer-wearing, and more moisture-rich than any you've tried before. 

= Shimmer 

Price: $18.00


Cool Shades Neutral Shades Warm Shades
Lipstick, RaveRave
Lipstick, GlamGlam
Lipstick, RoyalRoyal
sheer cherry satin garnet spiked ginger
sheer currant wish muted grape strawberry creme
Lipstick, OrchidOrchid
Lipstick, Velvet PlumVelvet Plum
fuchsia sheen burnished currant mischievous coral
Pink BubblesCharmed

Pink Bubbles

model mauve grape taupe

pink coral

Lipstick, Love DropLove Drop
Lipstick, Satin RomanceSatin Romance
crystal pink cinnamon rose pinkish beige
Lipstick, EnchantingEnchanting
neutral plum brown sparkling champagne sweet caramel
Lipstick, EtherealEthereal
supernatural lavender watermelon stark naked
Lipstick, GlazedGlazed
French RedFrench Red
dusty rose warm terracotta classic coral sunset
Bon BonBon Bon
mauvalicious raspberry tea zen

Are you cool, neutral or warm?

Skin Color: blue, pink skin undertones
Eye Color: blue, violet, gray
Hair Color: blonde, brunette

Skin Color: fair-llight pink, olive, yellow skin undertones
Eye Color: all
Hair Color: all

Skin Color: yellow, orange skin undertones
Eye Color: brown, green, hazel
Hair Color: brunette, red, blonde



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Anti-Aging Mineral Makeup
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