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Makeup Skincare Tips + Trends Buzz About Us
Makeup Skincare Tips + Trends Buzz About Us

Skin Perfecting Elixirs
A favorite with celebrities and those "in the know", Urban Apothecary Elixirs are the secret to perfect skin.  Excellent over or under makeup, the
se potent primers glide on effortlessly and prep the skin so it's ready to receive foundation to create a gorgeous look or just grin and go bare.  It's amazing how something so simple can make such a big difference in our everyday beauty routine

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Brightening Elixir
If you understand all too well how it feels to be asked "Didn't get much sleep last night, eh?", then Brightening Elixir is for you!  Visibly brightens and reduces the appearance of dark circles, fatigue and fine lines, by combating the underlying cause of darkening with powerful vitamins such as vitamins K & C.

Clarifying Elixir
Got a minute? Thatís all it takes for this mean green, all natural, non-drying wonder gel to banish blackheads, shrink large pores, and absorb excess oil. The effective blend of fruit acids,  organic botanicals and salicylic acid immediately goes to work so youíll be - and stay - in the clear. 

Hydrating Elixir
How about a tall, cool pick-me-up?  This advanced, lightweight gel instantly plumps parched cells and helps replenish vital lipids with with an effective blend of amino acids, vitamins,  essential fatty acids and hyaluronic acid.  These elements help improve hydration, firmness, and smoothness while protecting skin from free radical damage. The amazing combination of  seals in moisture all day so your skin will look great long after happy hour.  

Mattifying Elixir
Stop shine stat! This instant mattifier is the solution for taming those excessively oily areas of the face such as the T-zone and chin. Just glide over your shiny (not so happy) skin and the unique formula instantly purifies the shine with a sebum balancing complex that stays matte for hours.

Revitalizing Elixir
Out with the old and in with the new complexion!  A potent reprieve from dull, dreary, lifeless skin.  The restorative blend of organic botanicals and vitamin C ester gently and effectively improves skin tone, evens out imperfections, and promotes a healthier, youthful glow. Beauty Editor's favorite.

Smoothing Elixir

Your wish is our command.  We were on a mission to smooth, firm, and refine the texture for all skin types, even combination skin.  Copper peptides are known for their smoothing, refining, and rejuvenating effects on the skin.



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Anti-Aging Mineral Makeup
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